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Agriculture Loans

Expand or Enhance Your Farm’s Operation

The ag loans offered at DeWitt Bank & Trust Co. can help local farmers expand or enhance their farm operation. We offer lending solutions that can finance anything from purchasing new land to adding new equipment and livestock to your farm. All decisions related to your loan are made in our office, so you can trust that we are making decisions in your best interest.

Machinery Loans

If you need to add new or used equipment, we can provide a loan that allows financing over a longer period of time. This will keep your annual payments lower.

Real Estate & Expansion Loans

Whether you want to buy land or make improvements, we’re here to provide the loan that will allow you to expand your farm’s operation.

Livestock Loans

Livestock farmers face a different set of challenges compared to crop and commodity farmers. DeWitt Bank & Trust Co. understands the difference, and can provide a loan to help expand and add livestock to your herd.

Operating Lines of Credit

Many farmers experience highs and lows in their cash flow throughout the year. We offer lines of credit that can sustain your operation when needed.

Beginning Farmer Loans

We offer loans through the Iowa Agricultural Developmental Authority and Farm Service Agency that can help beginning farmers overcome the hurdles of starting their farm operation. These loans include lower interest rates and down payment requirements.

Farmer Mac Loans

We proudly offer loans through the Farmer Mac program. These loans help increase the availability of credit for loan seekers with a mission of improving their area’s agricultural and rural communities.

Apply for an Ag Loan

Regardless of your needs, DeWitt Bank & Trust Co. can provide the financing for your farm. To get started, stop in to one of our offices in DeWitt or Wilton to have a conversation with a member of our lending team.

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  • Sarah Jurgens

    Sarah Jurgens

    Vice President Commercial & Ag Lending

    NMLS: 408382

    Divisions: Ag Loans, Business Loans

    Location: DeWitt

    Phone: (563) 659-3211 (563) 659-3211

    Contact Me
  • Zachary Kinrade

    Zachary Kinrade

    Vice President Commercial & Ag Lending

    NMLS: 1703530

    Divisions: Ag Loans, Business Loans

    Locations: DeWitt, Wilton

    Phone: (563) 659-3211 (563) 659-3211

    Contact Me
  • Grant Lilienthal

    Grant Lilienthal

    Vice President Lending

    NMLS: 1046230

    Divisions: Ag Loans, Auto Loans, Business Loans, Personal Loans

    Location: Wilton

    Phone: (563) 732-3211 (563) 732-3211

    Contact Me
  • Matt Maiers

    Matt Maiers

    Vice President Commercial Lending

    Division: Business Loans

    Location: DeWitt

    Phone: (563) 659-3211 (563) 659-3211

    Contact Me
  • Francesca Schwartz

    Francesca Schwartz

    Assistant Vice President & Ag Lending

    Divisions: Ag Loans, Business Loans

    Location: DeWitt

    Phone: (563) 659-3211 (563) 659-3211

    Contact Me
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